At Handling Technologies, Inc (HTI), we set ourselves apart from the competition with our innovative Pallet Rack & Storage System technologies.  We implement solutions that include our double-wide designs that will help to increase your warehouse productivity by up to 50%. Our heavy-duty structural steel construction will ensure long lasting wear and tear while also maximizing your storage space, density, and save on future labor costs and your handling equipment.

Innovative Engineering Equals HUGE Benefits

Reduce Warehouse Expenses

  • The Elimination of an additional upright in every pallet position maximizes storage space
  • Maximize space and store more products in existing space
  • Ability to maintain one location vs. the need for multiple locations
  • Lessen the likelihood for product damage with our wider bay width concepts

Reduce Handling Costs

  • One trip/two load design cuts back on time, lowering your labor costs
  • One trip/two load design shortens lift truck operating time
  • Double wide fork used on existing trucks saves on capital purchases
  • Same fork truck from trailer to rack eliminates double handling

Use For Any Application

  • Accommodates all pallet and load sizes
  • Works with narrow pallets
  • Loads and unloads easily
  • Supports the heaviest of loads

Improve Your Bottom Line

  • Lowers future labor and materials handling equipment costs
  • Reduces need for additional square footage
  • Creates a viable alternative to building or leasing additional space
  • Eliminates shuttle costs