Handling Technologies Inc. (HTI)


HTI is a leading consultant, engineer and provider of high density storage rack systems, specializing in custom rack and storage solutions for just about any industry.  We offer a full line of storage rack solutions to help warehouse operations throughout the globe to be more efficient, compliant, and increase storage density in a cost saving, more productive and safer environment.


Our advanced storage solutions include the latest technologies for Drive-In / Drive-Thru, Push Back, Pallet Flow and Selective Storage pallet racks, and Case/Carton Flow and Cantilever storage racks, Semi automated and Fully Automated storage and retrieval systems. HTI also provides a full line of Conveyors, Workstation Cranes, Jib Cranes, Hoist, Scissor Lifts and many more Material Handling solutions that will meet all your Warehousing and Manufacturing needs.


We utilize patented dual pallet systems that allow warehouse personnel to load and unload two pallets at a time, while decreasing wear and tear on your materials handling equipment. Space utilization is improved with custom solutions which can help improve your storage density up to 35% over traditional 4 high designs. These wider pallet bays also help decrease product and rack damage during operations.


Handling Technologies Inc (HTI) engineered systems are in use throughout the United States and around the world in both small and large industry warehousing environments accommodating material handling needs for all shapes and sizes. Our product versatility allows our engineers to design cost effective pallet storage and retrieval systems for all types of applications.